$18K in Revenue at 6.59% ROAS For an eCommerce Company In 4 Months


Generated over $18,700 in revenue at 6.59% ROAS in 4 months using Facebook ads.

Case Study Summary:

In this case study, I used my own ‘8 Figure Framework’ to grow an eCommerce company to $18K in revenue. 

The framework is based on 3 simple core campaigns: 


Previous customer upselling and cross-selling.

New customer prospecting.

Here’s what I did:

Create a carousel of products retargeting customers who had interacted with those products and offered a 20% discount coupon to encourage them to complete the purchase.

Set up campaigns upselling their newest products. In the ad copy, I made sure to call out these previous customers and thank them for their support throughout the year.

To find new customers, I did 2 things: 

  1. Created a list of all their high AOV customers. 
  2. Created a list of all of their repeat customers (people that purchased 2 or more times in the last 6 months). 

For this eCommerce business, their new customer prospecting campaigns were designed to showcase only the best selling products in simple, clean ad formats (slideshow videos).

And that’s it! The best part about this case study is that the above core campaigns in theory can work for nearly every eCommerce business regardless of their budget, size, and so on