Step-by-Step eCommerce Scaling from 50k/mo to 520k/mo With Facebook Ads

Yes, that’s me.

But I achieved some serious results in this case study and learned a lot of stuff that’s worth sharing.


$520k+ in monthly sales with 3.79x ROAS throughout the funnel.

2.35x ROAS at TOF spending $100k+/monthly.

$410k in revenue during Black Friday with 7.27x ROAS

Case Study Summary:

In this case study, I scaled one of our clients using Facebook ads and went from $15k monthly ad spend to $140k  in only 4 months and through 9 main steps.

Here’s the short version of how I did it:

Fleshed out the customer-centric marketing funnel (TOF, MOF, BOF) and installed Hotjar to get insights on consumer behavior.

Started testing different video creative types, placements, targeting, and other details. Used the Waterfall method to test the creatives (ad styles, buttons, thumbnails, headlines, and more).

Started preparing to scale. Killed off smaller ad-sets with the same audience and increased the budget by 20%-30% TWICE per day for 2-3 days.

Increased the budget 1 month prior to the Christmas and Black Friday sales. Launched Facebook messenger and email collection campaign before the sale started. Also created different VIP sale for people who either: a) gave us their email address or b) subscribed to our messenger list.

Once I had built up bigger remarketing audiences for flash sales, I started running Facebook ads for the whole Black Week and gave 10% off to everyone who I pixeled and 20% off for VIP sales (only for 24h).