My client, Indow – an energy efficient and acoustic grade window insert company, had a Facebook Ads campaign that was under performing in the first ten days of the new month before I started working with them. The goal with Facebook Ads was to increase their brand awareness and then ultimately convert website visitors through an on-page lead generation form to “Get A Free Estimate”.

Typically, cold audiences are introduced to brands by way of website traffic campaigns while warmer audiences that have not yet converted tend to perform well in remarketing conversion goal campaigns. However, in this account, many awareness campaigns were converting quite well, with healthy engagement and higher CTRs and ad delivery optimization set to drive link clicks or landing page views. Almost all of their campaigns behaved similarly except for one in particular, which led us to re-evaluate its set up.


Sometimes, awareness campaigns can perform better as conversion goal campaigns, set to optimize ad delivery for conversions rather than traffic. With a simple test applying that very change, I was able to see a remarkably quick improvement in this one concerning campaign. As was expected with this adjustment, our CTR decreased 23% since we were no longer optimizing for clicks, however, the lift in lead volume and CVR more than made up for it, along with the drastic decrease in CPL from $366 to $20 in the ten days following the change.


Impressions and spend were in line with one another before and during the test however, as we expected, CTR decreased since the optimization goal was no longer set to link clicks. When optimized for traffic, Facebook shows your ads to the people in your target audience that are most likely to click the link to your landing page at the lowest cost, whereas a conversion setup delivers ads to people in your target audience that will drive the most website conversions. It’s worthwhile to test both to see which can help your bottom line the most. While there may be a trade off in CTR and engagements, if it brings high quality leads, it’s an exchange that’s definitely worth considering.