As we work exclusively with roofing contractors, we’ve been testing what works for roofers on Facebook – and what doesn’t – for years now. We invested thousands of dollars until we came up with this working Facebook funnel that does the job in every state!

The results speak for themselves and the bottom line is that Facebook Ads work. Period.

The main issue with Facebook Ads for roofers is that they are completely different from any other ad that you would come across on your news feed. We are talking about selling $10k roofing jobs with Facebook. This is not an easy thing to pull off. It’s much easier to sell free dentist check-ups or some discounts for a dinner in a local restaurant, for example.

It’s a completely different story for roofers. Everything needs to be perfect and everything needs to add up perfectly – from the ad copy and the picture to the landing page.

For example, in our campaign, we tested 100 different pictures, always with the same copy and the same landing page, and each one performed differently. So, to let you in on the secret – the top performers were ads with a red roof for a picture. We don’t know why, but people just LOVE red roofs.

The bottom line is that Facebook Ads work and that with us you will always get results. Why? Because we have a proven Facebook funnel and a formula that works perfectly for roofers in every state. If you, too, want in on the secret, drop us a line!

We started from a research of the market, so we quickly learned about the competition and keywords that people use when they are looking for roofing companies in the area. Asad, who is our Google certified specialist, researched a list of keywords and their prices for this particular campaign, so the next step was to choose services that we are going to advertise for the client.

Next, the dedicated landing page was created which matched the relevant search in order to maximize the Conversion Rate (CR) of all incoming visitors. There’s a golden rule of all marketing campaigns – NSAMCWADLP –  “Never Start A Marketing Campaign Without A Dedicated Landing Page!”. As we followed this rule we were able to do A/B split testing on our ads and landing pages in order to constantly improve the Conversion Rate of our campaign.